Party Module

The party module defines the concepts of party, identifier, category and contact mechanism. It also comes with reports to print labels and letters and a Check VIES wizard.


A party can be a person, a company or any organisation that one want to consider as the same entity. A party is defined by a name, a code, a language, identifiers, categories, contact mechanisms and a list of addresses.

Two reports are available:

  • The Labels report creates a document with the names and addresses of all selected parties which are preformatted to be printed on labels that can be stuck on an envelope.
  • The Letter report create a document pre-filled with the company header, the address of the recipient, a date, a greeting, an ending and the signature of the current reader.

The Check VIES wizard allow to check the European VAT number identifier of parties with the VIES web service.


An address is made of a name, a street, a zip number, a city, a country, a subdivision. A sequence allow to order them. The field Full Address returns the formatted address included the name of the party if the context has address_with_party set to True and without the country if the context key address_from_country is the same as the country of the address.

Address Format

It allows to define per country and language, how addresses should be formatted.

Contact Mechanism

A contact mechanism is made of a type, value and comment. Type can be Phone, Mobile, Fax, E-Mail, Website, Skype, SIP, IRC, Jabber or Other.


A Category is just composed of a name, thus constituting tags that can be associated to parties. Categories are organised in a tree structure.